Does anyone go to college planning to come out the other end with a music blog? I didn’t, but surrounded by the vibrant scene in Charlottesville, VA, and with a little push from a media studies professor, music wore me down.

Working with the creative types and rabble-rousers at The DeclarationI started building a portfolio and trying to get to the bottom of what makes for good music journalism. What I landed on is this: music journalism should be thorough and unpretentious, covering a wide range of genres where possible and engaging with artists regardless of popular favor.

In our flagship podcast, The All Scene EyeI interview artists and enthusiasts about their musical lives. In our comedy podcast, Build-A-Band, co-host Christine Naulty and I take on the personas of music industry execs and try to make each other laugh with nonsensical band pitches. It all stems from a deep and unironic love for music and the people who make it.

If you’re reading this, hopefully we have that much in common, and I encourage you to get involved! Let’s talk about our favorite tunes, and how to do this thing better. I’m all ears, but more importantly, All Eye. 😉

–Taylor Ruckle, Editor

Header photo by Laura Braun.