BAB Ep. 12: Goblin Hype Squad, feat. Katrina Schroeder

On today’s episode, we put on our robes and wizard hats to bring you a fantasy-themed special!

Villians, heroes, dragons, bards–this show has it all.

A new traveller joins our merry band of adventurers to help us on the road.

Let’s all give a warm welcome to Katrina of the Dimly Lit podcast!

The Lord of the Rings deserves a successful musical, and who better to cast and score it?

It’ll be a harrowing journey, so keep your eyes peeled for Young Chuffy, the all-powerful swag-stealing goblin.

Not to mention Mithrilback, Blink 180-Tree, and the Stone Temple Raiders!

Enchantments abound, and there’s adventure around every corner; now read the first letter of each line, AND S E E  B E Y ON D.

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