BAB Ep. 23: Vermin Xtreme

This week on Build-a-Band, a new social media video fad is born! Do you have what it takes to master the Cinnamon Ice Bucket Chopin Challenge*? Also in this episode, Chris announces her 2020 presidential run. She’s got the brains, the business savvy, access to the elusive Dino Bone Xylophone, and, if you believe conspiracy theorists, the VP with the most legs and antlers. In a world of new media blogging paradigms, complex band-audience contracts, and anti-goth discrimination, there’s no candidate better equipped to fill the triangle-shaped hole in all our hearts.

*Build-a-Band LP and its affiliates are not liable for choking, hypothermia, or burns (literal or figurative) that may occur. Restrictions apply. Results may vary. Contact your physician if you experience new or worsening symptoms.

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