BAB Ep. 25: Q.R.E.A.M

Parents, are your kids suddenly getting mop top haircuts and working on their British accents? Are they a little too interested in the exact equipment used by the Beatles in their early years? It may be time to talk to your kids about playing in cover bands. Right now you may be thinking,  “my kids could never be unwitting vessels for the restless souls of musicians.” But every year thousands of people make the same mistake. It’s time to open a dialogue. Let them know that Eight Days a Week is not enough to show you care about their immortal essence.

Here at Build-a-Band, we’re taking a vacation from our spring break vacation to talk about the issues that really matter. Issues like Neil Diamond’s chakras, Mozart’s collaboration with Hatsune Miku (coming soon to an opera near you), and the need for a brassy new branch of government dedicated to breaking down borders one very shrill briefing at a time.

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