Build-a-Breach: Highlights, Ep. 6-10

Happy Easter Fools Day! Build-a-Band’s extended spring break sabbatical continues with another week of time travel shenanigans. Get your predictions for the distant future of the music industry ready, because it’s time to see how they stack up against our scientists. Then, check out this compilation with some of our favorite pitches from the BAB archives.

5:10 – S.M.K.D 15:21 – Good Band 22:27 – The Luminaries 26:15 – Chaos Defrost 34:02 – Rush Limbo 35:41 – Mephistophebeats 42:18 – The Exorcist-ers of Mercy 46:34 – Belorma and the Three Terrifying Eagles that I Use For Hunting Wild Animals

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