Best of Bands: Ep. 21-25

In a world where Beck can still win a Grammy, there’s no time to serve your debt to society. Not while the music industry is more ripe for exploitation than we ever could have imagined. Taylor’s busting out of podcast prison, and we’ve got the daring escape recorded for your listening enjoyment! Between what should be long, uneventful stretches of tunneling, we’ve got a compilation of some favorite past bits to pass the time.

03:46 – Keyboard Suspenders | 08:26 – AllWall | 16:10 – Jimmy Buffoon | 18:31 – Who’s David Byrne? | 24:58 – Cinnamon Ice Bucket Modest Mouse Challenge | 31:02 – Flavor of the Month | 36:01 – Vermin Xtreme | 42:22 – Interdimensional Pop | 51:25 – Neil Diamond Chakras | 56:44 – Ressurectionals

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