An Update on the Future of The All Scene Eye

Pictured: TASE Associate Editors Jimmy & Sloane

In November of 2021, it will have been five years since I started The All Scene Eye–first as a portfolio for the stuff I wrote at my college’s alternative paper, then as a blogging project in and of itself. It’s been an absolute joy to maintain this site, and I never could have predicted all the places it would take me–the relationships I’d have the privilege of building with artists, labels, PR folks, and other writers.

Since it’s been an independent effort, it’s also taken a huge amount of work to keep up with. For the last couple years, I’ve been increasingly aware that I was going to reach a turning point, and that one of two things would happen: one, I’d burn out and have to stop writing about music altogether; or two, to keep doing what I love, I’d have to radically change my approach. The truth is I don’t have the means or the business know-how to take this blog to the next level. To continue to grow as a writer and expand my horizons, I need to work with other people and write for other outlets.

As of this November, I’ll be stepping back from The All Scene Eye. To anyone who’s read the blog or submitted your music, thanks so much for being part of this–I’m extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished. Without your participation, none of it would have been possible, and I certainly wouldn’t be in a position to be moving on this way. Going forward, you’ll be able to read my new work at Post-Trash, Merry Go Round Magazine, and other places I’ll hopefully be able to talk about very soon (so if you’re an artist, label, or PR rep, feel free to keep pitching me for other outlets).

I’ll still be posting regularly for the next few months, and The All Scene Eye back catalog will stay online for the foreseeable future. Eye reserve the right to come back any time. In the meantime, All Scene you around 😉

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