PREMIERE: “Skywriter” Flies Headboggle to the Edge of Synth Space

On his upcoming sophomore album on Ratskin Records, Digital Digital Analog, Derek Gedalecia of Headboggle tests just how far a keyboard can transport you. The experimental electronic artist’s new single, “Skywriter,” and its stratospheric synth melodies, are just the latest example. “The album is about exploration and travel to different worlds and realities,” says Gedalecia. “I had no idea what reality we would be living in when this finally sees release later this month.”

That’s because the material dates back to 2019, when Gedalecia was preparing to go on the road with other members of the Ratskin collective. In the track list, you’ll find references to show hubs like Chicago and Cincinnati, but the sounds–from mystical organ whistles to thudding sci-fi club bass–evoke the furthest reaches of space, time, and even instrumental skill. “Most of the tracks contain layers of Prophet synth, and on [“Skywriter,”] I was also trying to play at the edge of my capability, which led to a very fast BPM track.”

It follows the already-released “Ancient Trap,” “Epic Sountracks,” “Data Entry,” and “The Great Chicago Jam.” Though they prominently feature the classic tones of the Prophet, the record also sees Gedalecia flexing his composition muscles on a broader range of implements than ever. “While other releases were more conceptual, often featuring a single instrument, Digital Digital Analog is a full-fledged stops-out utilization of every instrument and every production technique at my disposal,“ he says.

It’s an ambitious travel itinerary, but you still have time to pack; Digital Digital Analog drops September 25, and it’s available for preorder via Ratskin now. In the meantime, you can stream and download “Skywriter” below.

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