Chloe Bodur Finds Glory and Grace on Jazzy Debut Single

London soul singer-songwriter Chloe Bodur sounds more like an old pro than the newcomer she is on her debut single, “Glory,” officially released earlier this week.

As she sings of the vulnerability of falling too hard into a fling, she exudes easygoing grace and confidence, quickly proving she’s got nothing to prove as a vocal talent. Meanwhile, her own layered harmonies rise and fall with her conflicting feelings.

“Glory finds me / I’m hiding beneath,” she sings on the chorus, as layered backup vocals chime in from the back of her mind: “I want you to find me.”

That same tension is borne out in the production, courtesy of JD. Reid. From the claustrophobic kick drum to a funky guitar somewhere out in space, his mix gives the track a sense of contained distance–the perfect place for these anxieties about emotional closeness to play out.

Bodur’s lyrics give that in-between space a name: “the gray endless matter where lost souls never meet.”

Throughout the track, she digs deep for that kind of imagery, and then tosses it off casually, like you might toss a strand of hair over your shoulder. She invokes the “golden, high-pitched crash” of a cymbal, and there it is, with a bass fill to back it up.

Those subtler accents in the live band performance and production–far-off horns doubling the chorus melody, synth flourishes in the outro–give “Glory” a real sense of dynamics, even as the track seems to flow effortlessly from end to end.

Bodur shouts out Sinatra, and her jazzy pop roots are on full display, but there’s a real freshness to her approach. Going forward, she’s sure to be an artist to watch.

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