Vrillon Pushes Post-Grunge Forward Without Becoming “Part of the Problem”

by guest contributor Dana Silverman

Britain would be an unlikely place to see a rebirth of post-grunge, given its American roots and maudlin inclinations. But on “Don’t Be a Part of the Problem,” Bath-based four-piece Vrillon show off an innate grasp of the genre and the musical proficiency to carry it forward.

Singer/bassist Will Hegarty, guitarists Charlie Quarren-Evans and Henry Goddard, and drummer George Armstrong capture all the hallmarks of the style–epitomized by bands like Live, Puddle of Mudd, and 3 Days Grace–without giving into its worst instincts.

Instead of murkiness, the focus is on clarity, with a sharp rhythm section that never devolves into a shapeless wall of noise. The beautifully rippling lead guitar line is a refreshing complement to the rumbling tom rolls on the track’s thoughtful breakdown. Though if a distorted power chord chorus is what you came for, Vrillon has you covered there, too. Hegarty’s powerful voice, for its part, is reminiscent of Layne Staley and Scott Stapp, but free of the treacle that plagues the post-grunge reputation.

“Don’t Be a Part of the Problem” proves the band knows how to construct a solid genre tune, but the restraint they demonstrate here indicates a broader range and potential for mainstream success.

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