BAB Ep. 31: Otamatone For Your Sins

Like all great marketing minds, we at Build-a-Band spend a lot of time thinking about what’s #relatable to the young people of today. Is it starting a band with seven of your dwarf friends to really stick it to your stepmom? Is it vague-tweeting at corporations about battle royale rhythm games? Is it ASMR based on muddy boot squelches in a quiet library*? Maybe it’s trying to win back custody of your kids after swallowing an Otamatone**, and maybe it’s the mere state of having blood in your human veins. In this episode, we’ll find out or get wine-drunk trying.

*featuring “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” as performed by Willow Osborne

**”Otamatone Greensleeves” by Youtube user MAYWADENKI

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