Promise and Paradox on the Path to Love Ghost’s “Nowhere”

In all the upheaval of adolescence, you don’t have to wonder if the angst will hit you. It’s a question of when, and of how you’ll hit back when it does. Like so many before them, the LA teens in Love Ghost turn to the timeless catharsis of garage rock. If that sounds reductive, it it’s not meant to; take “Nowhere,” a dispirited single that forges harmony out of chaos and contrast.

That contrast begins on the arrangement level, where Mya Greene’s viola weaves depth and nuance into Finn Bell’s crushing grunge guitar and Ryan Stevens’ bass. Between Samson Young’s deliberate drums and a seemingly aimless melody, “Nowhere” captures an essential paradox of the teenage experience: the feeling of having no specific destination, and the imperative to get there yesterday. As Bell puts it, “withering in the wind, dreams to start again / a million miles away from this life / If I could find a path to nowhere.”

The video, directed by Dan Bell, harnesses the same duality. Pairing dramatic rooftop performance footage with Lena Bishop’s colorful animated sequences, it’s the visual equivalent of the track’s Pixies-style dynamics.

With a fresh angle on a familiar sound and the professional polish of producer Eric Lilavois, Love Ghost are the picture of a promising teenage band. Here’s hoping the path to “Nowhere” brings them back around for more.

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