Video Premiere: “Bonsai” by Annachristie Sapphire

For singer/songwriter Annachristie Sapphire, the arid landscape of Joshua Tree, California has been a lush wellspring of inspiration. You can hear it underpinning her last two alt-Americana singles, “Picture of Yourself” and “Cut the Line,” where vocal harmonies echo in rocky canyons of reverb and gush like once-dry stream beds.

The striking video for her latest single, “Bonsai,” draws from the same well. Presented by Joshua Tree on Filmit taps into the dark, dreamy spirit of the track, rooted in Sapphire’s contemplative guitar. As the vision comes into focus, she steps out from the shadowy desert brush and unveils a group of attendants, who ready her to go back out into the night.

“The imagery came from a dream I had about meeting different muses in the desert that were helping me get married to myself,” she says. “The connection lyrically is the idea of wanting to know what true love is like–to love yourself.”

It’s a small ceremony with a soft soundtrack, but with a little filmmaking magic, the impact borders on infinite. Time-lapse footage of a sunset projects onto her wedding dress, and she seems to fade into it, at peace with herself and one with the world around her. 

Check out the video, premiering here and coming soon to your mind’s eye:

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