Hindsight Is More Than 20/20 in Weston Smith’s “Psychic”

For some, like Weston Smith, artistic progress isn’t strictly linear, flowing from one new batch of songs to the next; it turns back on itself in exciting and surprising ways. On August 12, the D.C. synth-pop artist will release Reflection Collection, a compilation album designed to recontextualize his early work in light of his growth over the years.

“My hope is to present some of my older tunes to new listeners while providing a fresh experience for the listeners who already support my music,” says Smith.

In preparing each track for rerelease, Smith rebuilt the mixes from scratch, even re-recording many of the drum parts and all of the vocals. In other words, Recollection Collection is more than a remaster; it’s a whole new take on the vision behind the music.

“There’s a somewhat nostalgic feeling being able to go back through these songs,” says Smith. “Many components, such as the percussion, were recorded in a different space with different methods.”

Smith released the project’s first single, “Psychic,” on July 5. With its jazzy, introspective keys and synth string glitter, it showcases his talent for reflective dream pop with an otherworldly, extrasensory aura. It also represents a milestone in Smith’s development as an artist.

“This song was originally released in December of 2016 and it was technically the second release I had ever put out for other ears to hear,” he says. “I chose Psychic as the first single because it was the first song where I really mentioned anything about my battle with anxiety.”

A second single featuring a remixed rendition of “Moving On” followed on July 19. The full Reflection Collection will soon be available on Bandcamp and Spotify–a vision of the past to whet fans’ appetites for the future, with live outings and new material sure to bubble up soon.

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