PREMIERE: In Their Quarantine Collaboration, Max & Haley Get Playfully Abstract

2020 came and went, and unfortunately, with the slow pace of vaccine rollouts, it’s still not safe to hug anyone outside your immediate bubble. As of today, though, you can enjoy “Big Hug,” the debut single by ambient pop duo Max & Haley. Brooklyn artists Max High and Haley Maiden previously played together in the live band HAI, but when in-person performances ground to a halt, they decided to continue to nurture a creative friendship, exchanging Logic files for their new project remotely.

“Big Hug” is the title track from their upcoming debut EP, and it comes on sweet, summery, and playfully abstract.The duo also made a video to go along with it, pairing languid vocals and lackadaisical drums with a dreamy collage of skateboard tricks and waterfront relaxation. In joint comments on the video, Max & Haley say they followed the same pattern of exchanging files and edits from their respective homes:

“Early in its creation, Max came across a camcorder on a curbside as he was biking to Haley’s to work on vocal recordings. That little camera became a summer companion in capturing bright moments, forming the bulk of the video’s content. The visuals also include digital creations by Haley which, together, molded a shared vision, a virtual playground, an archive of friendship.”

The full Big Hug EP will be available February 4 via Funnybone Records. You can stream the title track now and check out the video below.

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