Rain on Monday: Kill My Love

What better way to balance self-flagellating lyrics than with a sunny synth hook? It worked in the 80s, and it works today for Rain on Monday, the project of Swedish pop artist Raimond Nurmilampi. His debut single, “Kill My Love,” juxtaposes its lyrics and music skillfully, resulting in a perfect summer earworm in spite of its darker fantasizing.

“Can you kill my love if I can’t be with you?” Nurmilampi asks on the chorus, which lands thanks to his endearing rasp. To paraphrase the rest of the track, you can stab him in the heart, or hit him with a car, but he just can’t fall out of love with you.

“I like the combination of the cheerful music and the quite depressing lyrics,” Nurmilampi says. I think people who are not afraid of the song title and who listen to the song can understand the vibe.”

Rain on Monday’s debut is also his first time working with a professional producer–Thomas Harsem–but it won’t be the last. The two are currently working on a follow up.

“I think we have a similar taste in music and Thomas as a producer develops my songs […] in ways I can’t do on my own,” Nurmilampi says.

It’s a classic vibe with a lot of potential, nesting acoustic guitar and warm vocals in sparkling pop pads. Keep an eye on the social media links below for news on whatever comes next.


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