A New High for Beachwood Coyotes on “Discipline”

by guest contributor Dana Silverman

Let’s talk about the loud-quiet-loud dynamic. You pull listeners in with a simple but catchy melody and sparse instrumentation, build to an anthemic or singalong chorus, and repeat. It’s a formula that serves LA indie rockers Beachwood Coyotes mightily on “Discipline,” their first release since their 2017 debut EP, Scrubby.

Picking up where Scrubby left off, this latest single blends a driving rhythm with memorable hooks and weightless harmonies, all tied together with Jason Nott’s emphatic vocals. At the same time, “Discipline” represents a quantifiable leap forward in songwriting and performance, as Nott sings with unabashed defiance about indulging in his worst instincts to reach a better place through the clarity that follows. His delivery of Lines like “I want to wrap myself in death and destruction” and “I want to liberate myself to be corrupted” elicit the kind of catharsis that begs to be shared with a live audience.

In the arrangement, very little feels unnecessary. Every element, from the acoustic guitar to the warbling synthesizer to the lilting piano, coalesces beautifully into a single ready for mainstream exposure. Fingers crossed.

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