Young Rising Sons Rise Above the “+NOISE-“

by guest contributor Dana Silverman

Young Rising Sons should please their fanbase and attract new listeners with their latest single, “+Noise-.” The contemporary pop band from New Jersey has been making waves since their feel-good debut single, “High,” in 2014, which broguht them increased social media exposure and tours with kindred bands like The 1975 and The Neighbourhood. Guitarist Dylan Jackson Scott left the band two years later, and it’s tempting to wonder if his departure sparked the band’s noticeable evolution in sound.

“+Noise-” features a unique interplay of rhythm and sonic layering, all tied together with Andy Tongren’s beautifully understated vocals. The song is deceptively simple, with little more than a few blasts of keyboard and a rippling vocal line to sustain its momentum. Overlapping clicks, beats, tones, and chimes bloom and disappear like fireworks in the night sky, keeping the ears pleasantly surprised throughout Tongren’s affected delivery. That multiple listens reveal new textures–a shaker here, a pitched-down vocal there– is a testament to the band’s creativity and talent.

Young Rising Sons, also featuring bassist Julian Dimagbia and drummer Steve Patrick, seems to have shifted its focus to creating soundscapes without sacrificing the songwriting instincts that first drew attention to their music. Stylistic versatility should serve them well in the future, as long as they retain their musical sense of purpose and willingness to innovate.

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