Zosia Balances Strength and Sensitivity on “Overthrown”

by guest contributor Dana Silverman

Without the musical talent to back up an atmospheric vision, dark-pop artists can easily be swallowed by the dramatics of the genre. On her latest single, “Overthrown,” LA producer and singer-songwriter Zosia has no such problem. Like her 2017 debut single “Water,” it displays the power of her vocal range and her gift for lyrics that feel universal despite their deeply personal origins.

On “Overthrown,” she tackles the difficult subject of sexual assault and chronicles her own struggles with self-worth as a survivor. “Someday I won’t feel your every touch / someday I’ll believe I’m good enough,” she sings, juxtaposing recognition of trauma with hope for a future of recovery.

Zosia’s triumph is in the refusal to be reduced to one state or the other. “We don’t have to be either vulnerable or strong; vulnerability is just another form of strength,” she says in the single’s press release. “Overthrown” brings both in equal measure. The muted bass synths of the opening verse are swept away by a mammoth chorus, highlighted with powerful drumbeats and the emotional force of Zosia’s voice. Even the track’s quieter moments achieve a sense of depth in vocal harmonies and processing reminiscent of Imogen Heap.

Zosia has vision and creativity to spare, plus an artistic voice that’s only gotten stronger. “Overthrown” further establishes her as a dynamic talent to watch.

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