Premiere: Young Creatures Reach for the Stars on “Prisoner of Escape”

On “Something I Don’t Know,” LA indie rock trio Young Creatures inaugurated the season in spooky style with spectral organ chords and chorused guitar. They also opened a lyrical door to the world of the spiritual unknown–the persistent mystery of life, death, and what comes after–and that’s only the a-side of their new 7” single, due to drop November 17th on Nomad Eel Records.

Flip the 45 and you’ve got “Prisoner of Escape,” officially premiering here. It’s an uplifting counterpoint that doesn’t answer any nagging questions, but represents a bold second step in the pursuit of understanding.

From an “island out in space,” singer/guitarist Mike Post reaches beyond a self-imposed sense of isolation, and his bandmates are close behind, whether it’s Andrew Gleason backing him up on vocals or the racing pulse of Michael Escalante’s toms driving him forward. And what’s a quest for the unknowable without a few string players to heighten the emotion? In unison with Post’s tremolo guitar, violinist Gabe Cansino and cellist Emily Elkin provide just the accent Young Creatures need to reach escape velocity and launch the track into interstellar soaring.

Then again, the honesty behind the trio’s starry-eyed, orchestral ambitions is just as invigorating. You can hear it early on in Post’s falsetto, but it’s not until the bridge breakdown that he reaches the peak of his orbital arc. “The fall from earth is over / the fall from earth has just begun,” he sings, full of hope even in the face of the seemingly cyclical soul-search ahead.

You can stream “Prisoner of Escape” here:

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