Sizzling Summer Fun with Shormey on Boogie Tape Vol. 1

Got summer vacation plans? Why not take a cruise to Boogie Island? It’s not a mirage–it’s the backdrop for Virginia disco pop artist Shormey Adumuah’s latest EP, Boogie Tape Vol. 1, recorded entirely in her bedroom and brought to cassette by Citrus City Records.

Through its four tracks, the Chesapeake native weaves sizzling bass grooves and chilled-out synths into a hazy fabric of funky, feel-good tunes to play with the windows down. Adumuah’s production style, full of persistent organ pads and lo-fi crackle, brings the vintage warmth and personality of a 70’s classic together with more modern bedroom pop sensibilities.

That blend of the novel and the nostalgic always makes for great summer fun; take “Cruise!” with its shouted refrain and hypnotic bass vamp. The upbeat, danceable vibes could comfortably go on forever–Adumuah proves it on “Outro (“Maybe If We’re Movin’)”, which takes another pass at the same balmy beat, like taking that last lap through a party to say your goodbyes and leave fashionably early.

Then there’s “LA,” where a chorus of “oh-whoa-oh-ohs” in unison with the keyboard finds the EP at its poppiest and most direct. You can lose yourself in the vocal delay and just bob along in the atmospheric flow, but you might miss the perfect hook and a clap-along beat coursing just underneath.

It’s also by far the breeziest of the four tracks, guaranteed to keep you cool on even the most sweltering summer day. But we’d better drop the seasonal analogies; the radiant positivity and easygoing rhythms of Boogie Tape Vol. 1 are sure to stay fresh year-round.

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