Bryan Wang Eases Into Warm, Wintry Vibes on “Paper Mâché”

If you’re not ready for Christmas music but looking for seasonal sounds, Rochester, New York singer-songwriter Bryan Wang has you covered. With soft shakers and the slightest hint of sleigh bells, his debut single “Paper Mâché” hits like a hot cup of tea on a gray day in late November.

Wang’s warm, humming intro leads off a calm production, where he’s joined by easygoing electric guitar by producer Jack Kotz and twinkling Rhodes piano by Ben Saldinger. Kotz also provides the track’s light percussion, which plays into its brisk, airy feel.

As a debut single, it’s charming in its quiet, reflective tone. Wang comes across as endearingly self-effacing as he sings about his tendency to lose his head in the clouds–like he’s not bursting onto the scene with a show of soul-baring, but gently easing into sharing his thoughts. As he tells a friend in relatable lyrics, he struggles with getting close to people, not because he’s shy, but because he doesn’t trust a good thing to work out.

Dreamy emotional intrigue–along with a subtly catchy melody–makes for quite the hook. Consider me bundled up and ready to follow where his mind wanders next. After “Paper Mâché,” Wang hopes to release another single in early 2020. Though this is his first widespread release, you can find a host of demos and covers on his SoundCloud to tide you over in the meantime.

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