Joanne Fabrix’ “Waterlogged” Gives a Colorful Take on Isolation

Helly Manson and Ona Lepeska-True were onto something when they decided to name their collaborative project after a craft store. On FABLE, their debut album as Joann Fabrix, the Philadelphia-based duo make experimental pop that channels the wonder of experimentation–the feeling of putting the cap on your glue stick, standing back, and taking in what you’ve made. On tracks like the opener, “Waterlogged,” they layer their chopped-up vocals into pop collage pages with found sounds and samples.

The video for “Waterlogged” takes that cue and runs with it. Director Rafe Forman uses animated ink and watercolor cut-outs to tell a fable of his own in whimsical, abstract style. It’s a spot-on representation of the sound, and like all good fables, there’s a kind of moral, here dealing with the feeling of alienation in everyday life. In a recent interview with Aislin Magazine, Manson explained the story, which Forman developed independent of the duo:

“The video explores these different isolated characters within a sprawling cityscape. There’s the person in the car who feels small and alone and also the famous celebrity who is incredibly isolated even though she’s on all the billboards and whatnot. These lonely bubbles bump up and merge with each other in the video because everyone is moving around so much.”

Check out the video for “Waterlogged” below. FABLE is available to stream and download via Funnybone Records.

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