On “Melt,” The Winter Passing Let Their Social Frustration Loose

Photo by James Fagan

On June 24, Dublin punks The Winter Passing released “Melt,” the punchy second single from their upcoming sophomore album, New Ways of Living. Bassist Rob Flynn–half of the songwriting duo at the group’s core, along with his twin sister Kate–says it was one of the first songs they wrote for the new album.

“We knew that song in particular was a great starting point for the sound and style we wanted for this record. Lyrically, the song is about feeling socially awkward and talking out of politeness as opposed to interest.”

In its biggest moments, social frustration comes bursting through, with self-effacing lyrics delivered in a full force, off-the-chest shout. There’s another side to the conversation, though; “Melt” also features guest vocals from Stu Daly of Chewing on Tinfoil, who Flynn calls “a long-time friend and role model.”

“A big part of The Winter Passing’s introduction to the Dublin punk scene was through the help and support of Chewie” says Flynn. “They took us under their wing in the early days and we’ve been networking and playing shows together ever since. It was an honour to have Stu feature on the track with us.”

In addition to singing over the explosive drum buildup of the song’s final verse, Daly also contributed lyrics, at the band’s request.

“I had asked him a couple of months before we recorded New Ways of Living if he would sing a part on the record. We’ve always been big fans of his writing also, so after I told him the general theme of the song, we asked if he would write his own lyrical content over his part, which he was more than happy to do.”

Combined with their previous single, “Resist,” it shows the band’s pointed guitar hooks and cathartic twin vocals are sharper than ever. It also foreshadows the emotional arc at the center of The Winter Passing’s second full-length record.

New Ways of Living as a whole tells a story of angst, aggression, and grief,” says Flynn. “The title of the record is the conclusion to the story and also acts as a state of mind, so to speak. ‘Melt’ represents a release of vulnerability in the story.”

To tell that story, the band worked with producer Neil Kennedy, recording at The Ranch Production House. New Ways Of Living is slated for July 3 release via Big Scary Monsters and Counter Intuitive Records.

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